About Us

From our early beginning we design new electronic products. In very short period we found out that by accepting new technology and therefore shortening time to make something fully functional can make us significantly different from our competition. Usually our customers came to us with some ideas and asked us to manufacture some quantity of desired product. Of course, if we design a product, organize components and materials purchase and finally make production and testing, we also provide agreed warranty for manufactured products. According to demands of our customers we can also provide service for only a part of whole process.

We are experts in designing new electronic products. We can design full range of electronic devices, from very simple like DC/DC converter to complex devices. Example of complex device could be: custom made terminal with ARM processor, TFT display with touch screen and RFID reader. We can provide all necessary steps from developing to delivering agreed product quantity in very short time.

For example, in our 10+ years experience we made electronic modules and products which included:

  •        wire network connections (RS232, RS422/RS485, CAN Bus, USB, TCP/IP, UDP and ICMP Ethernet communication)
  •          wireless communication (IR and RF)
  •          RFID (125kHz, MIFARE)
  •          iButton communication
  •          LCD, LED, TFT displays
  •          Resistor touchscreen
  •          Step, servo and DC motors control, etc.


Pravne informacije:

  • Naziv tvrtke: Inovatic ICT za proizvodnju, građenje i usluge,
  • Skraćeni naziv tvrtke:  Inovatic ICT d.o.o.
  • Sjedište tvrtke: Mije Goričkog 35, 10 000 Zagreb, Hrvatska
  • Sud kod kojega je tvrtka upisana u Sudski registar: Trgovački sud u Zagrebu
  • Broj pod kojim je tvrtka upisana u Sudski registar: MBO 080567573
  • Temeljni kapital: 20.000,00 kn uplaćen u cijelosti
  • Član uprave: Boris Jakov Anić-Ćurko, jedini osnivač i zastupnik društva
  • Račun otvoren kod: Zagrebačka banka: HR1323600001101904131