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EMoRo 2560 controller

The EMoRo 2560 is the first Arduino compatible controller with CE certification. Built around an ATmega2560 microcontroller, the EMoRo 2560 comes with a massive number of connections:

  • 16 digital I/O ports with LED signalization
  • 8 digital I/O ports with ADC
  • 8 digital I/O ports for RC servo motor control with a separate step-down power supply
  • 8 general purpose digital I/O ports with dual pins for plug-and-play ultrasonic sensors
  • 8 analog input ports with ADC
  • 6 PWM capable digital I/O pins
  • An I2C & SPI port
  • 4 UARTs
  • 1 JTAG-10 header
  • 1 ISP-6 header
  • 1 USB Mini port


The EMoRo 2560 also includes a buzzer and an LED for simple signalling outputs, a 16 MHz crystal oscillator for timekeeping and a reset button alongside the on/off switch.

Power can be supplied either by USB or an external power source. The input voltage is 6 – 18 Volts  (6 AA batteries or a similar source). When using an external power supply the EMoRo 2560 provides the 8 RC servo motor channels with 5 Volts at 3 Amps, and the rest of the board with 5 Volts at 2 Amps.

Programming the EMoRo 2560 can be done using the Arduino IDE, with code libraries and examples for the EMoRo available in the Library Manager. When you're ready to run your code it can be uploaded to the EMoRo 2560 via the USB Mini, JTAG-10 or ISP-6 interfaces. The EMoRo 2560 uses an Arduino compatible bootloader, and no special programs or extra drivers are required.

Designed to be simple enough for beginners and flexible enough for advanced users, the EMoRo 2560 supports many plug-and-play (solder free) modules, including sensors, RC servo motors, relays, and displays. You can also extend the functionality of the board with GLAM modules, giving the EMoRo bluetooth connectivity so it can be controlled with an Android device. More advanced GLAM modules also add features like displays or a navigation suite including a gyroscope, accelerometer and compass.

                                                                                               emoro 2560 & GLAM

There are a number of safety features built into the board, including thermal shutdown, stepdown regulators, cycle-by-cycle over-current protection and under-voltage lockouts. This means the EMoRo 2560 is rugged enough to take a substantial amount of abuse, and will shrug off mistakes that would fry other boards.


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